Monthly Meeting with Debbie Bulten

  • November 27, 2024
  • 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Portuguese Club, 870 Townline Rd, Cambridge, ON

Here's some notes from Debbie Bulten, our guest speaker on November 27 . . .

My name is Debbie Bulten, I’m a mother of 3, a joint business owner with my husband, and a multi-sport endurance athlete.

I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy a long athletic career spanning 4 decades. My running journey started at the age of 15 with the regional track and field team, and progressed through Provincial and National levels.

I took a break during my university years to concentrate on studies, then resumed when I was 25, after the birth of my first child. I completed my first marathon in Toronto that year, and found my love of running again. I competed in my first triathlon several years later, which kick started my journey into Ironman triathlon.

During my years of competing in Ironman races, I began training for ultramarathons. I’d found a passion for endurance sports. My first ultra distance race was in 2011. Since then I’ve run more than 80 ultras ranging in distance from 50km to 400km (240 miles).

I was the first female to complete a 200 mile trail ultra in Canada, and in 2023 I completed a climbing project known as the Seven Summits, climbing the highest mountain peak on each of the seven continents around the world.

I summited both Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse (4th highest mountain in the world) back to back, within 24 hours, making me the first Canadian woman to ever accomplish the feat.

I was honoured with the 2023 Tim Turow Athlete of the Year award for mountaineering. I undertook the Seven Summits project because I thrive on challenges that engage both mind and body, and I strive to push the limits of my own potential in my endeavours.

Through endurance sport, I try to show myself and others that we are capable of more than we think, and the potential of our bodies and minds can be realized when we put ourselves out there.

PERSONAL VIGNETTE: Also in this meeting, Tom Dean will be delivering his personal vignette.

LUNCH BUNCH: After the meeting, all members are invited to have lunch (at their own cost) at a local restaurant. A great way to get to know your fellow members.

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