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Guest speaker Peter Hunton is one of our PROBUS club members and a Past President.

The title of his presentation is "The Egg and I".

Peter worked in the poultry industry his entire career. He has a Ph.D. in animal genetics and worked initially in the breeding industry, for Shaver in Cambridge and for one of its competitors in Scotland.

He later became Poultry Specialist for what is now Egg Farmers of Ontario. In this role he worked with farmers and was also involved with research and development.

When, in the 1980’s, eggs became vilified due to their cholesterol content, he was part of the effort to reinstate them as a valuable part of an everyday diet.

He has eaten 2 eggs daily for as long as he can remember!


In our August meeting, Bruce Cowan and Dave Ottenbrite shared their life stories with the membership. They both had great stories to share about their life highlights. 

For their whole vignettes, click on the WATCH LAST MEETING button above.

Bruce's vignette portion of the meeting begins at 24:35. Dave's vignette portion of the meeting begins at 56:50.


The PROBUS Club of Cambridge provides the opportunity for retired or semi-retired men having similar interests to meet and mingle, enjoy challenging, interesting guest speakers and join into some group activities.

PROBUS Clubs are not service organizations. We do not engage in fundraising, sectarian or political activities. Rather, we function solely for the benefit and interest of our members.

If you are not a member, you are in the right place to seek information about our Club, and how you can join us.

If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Chair, Bob McBlain at 519-621-9149 or email us at 

We hope to see you soon!

Ron Woynarski
President 2021-22

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