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Diane Freeman
Waterloo City Councillor

How can municipalities fight climate change

September 25, 2019

In addition to being a Waterloo Councillor, Diane is also a professional engineer and was president of Professional Engineers Ontario in 2010-2011.

She has been named one of four municipal "climate champions" by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. She plans to highlight local actions to demonstrate ways cities and towns can contribute in the fight against a warming planet. Recent newspaper article.

"I'm very excited. I see a real opportunity for the Region of Waterloo to be showcased across Canada with regard to our climate change efforts as a city and a region," said Freeman. "And I look forward to working with the stakeholders in our region to be a messenger of their great work."

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Susan Raby-Dunne
Military Historian, Veterans' Advocate, Author

Oct 30, 2019

John McCrae – Beyond Flanders Fields

In 2006, Susan was seized by an interest in Canadaʼs famous soldier/physician/poet John McCrae, and the events behind his indelible war poem, In Flanders Fields. This began over 10 years of research leading to the creation of the book, Bonfire – The Chestnut Gentleman and other books since. This, in turn, led Susan into a passion, not only for our military history, but also for educating the public about our soldiers and veterans.

Susan is presently the Canadian representative of Soldierʼs Heart, an organization dedicated to healing soldiers and veterans of war trauma. With that organization and its leaders, Ed Tick and Kate Dahlstedt, Susan has gone to Viet Nam with veterans returning for the first time since the war for reconciliation and healing. She has also taken a WWII veteran back to Belgium and France for the first time since 1944. Both transformative and healing journeys.

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Lynn Macaulay
HHUG - ALL IN 2020 Coordinator

Nov 27, 2019

A home has the potential to save a life

The Homelessness Housing Umbrella Group (HHUG) is the network of agencies and individuals working to end homelessness and create affordable housing in Waterloo Region.

Wellbeing Waterloo Region was formed with the goal of making transformative and large scale change. This is only possible when the whole community works together in new ways. ALL IN 2020 supports the excellent work being done by local service agencies by creating more awareness and mobilizing increased resources.

Our community has a plan to find housing for people who have been homeless the longest and experience the most complex needs.

"... I have a home, so it's more like I'm part of the society."

"..It's definitely made a huge difference in my mental health, having my own place."

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Mark Rector
Communications Professor
Humber College

March 25, 2020

Oh Canada! Our Home and Inventive Land

We will learn about all of the great innovations and inventiveness in this great and vast land of ours. From the compound steam engine and gasoline of the Industrial Revolution, to the telephone and light bulb (yes, the light bulb) of the Victorian era, to the Canadarm and BlackBerry of today.

The stories of Bell Canada, Northern Telecom, the Robertson screw company, SPAR Aerospace, Easy-Off and the invention of hockey! They are all here, as are 150 more great stories, in a light, easy to read, pick up and put down format of short vignettes and some longer, detailed histories of some of the biggest names in Canadian history.

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Paul Born
Tamarack Institute, Founder & Executive Director

Why community matters

April 29. 2020

Our quality of life is directly affected by our ability as a Region to work together. Great communities care about social connection. When we connect we are not only happier - we live longer. Learn why and how.

Paul Born directs the Tamarack Institute and is the best selling author of Deepening Community - Finding Joy Together in Chaotic times.

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Brenda Irving

Sports Broadcasting

May 27, 2020

In 2016, Brenda Irving was inducted into the Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame.

She had early dreams of being a physical education teacher and coach. That changed when she decided to take the broadcasting program at Conestoga College.

The veteran CBC broadcaster has covered most of the big events, ranging from the Olympics (eight), to the Stanley Cup, along with the Grey Cup and the Queen’s Plate.

Brenda is also a three-time Canadian Screen Academy nominee for best sports program, best writing for TV series and best sports reporting.

She was the first female Hockey Night in Canada rinkside reporter between 2001 and 2006, and previously served for seven years as a news reporter. She has also reported on Canadian football, the FIFA World Cup, and major league baseball. She graduated from Conestoga College's radio and television broadcasting programme. She was born in Cambridge and attended Preston High School. She called Gymnastics at the 2008 Summer Olympics for CBC.

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Ellin Bessner

Canadian Jews, the Military, and World War ll

October 28, 2020

Ellin Bessner is a veteran Canadian journalist based in Toronto. She is the author of a new book about Canada’s Jewish servicemen and women who fought in the Second World War. The book is called “Double Threat: Canadian Jews, the Military, and World War ll”.

For her book, Ellin spent six years researching, and travelling, and interviewing over 300 veterans and their families, to tell the untold stories of how and why Canada’s Jewish community sent 17,000 men and women in uniform to defeat Hitler and the Axis in the Second World War. It is a story that has never been comprehensively told before and fills an important gap in the publicly known accounts of how a country of volunteers helped win the war.