Club Mission

The PROBUS Club of Cambridge is for retired or semi-retired men with professional or business background and other men who have held some measure of responsibility or achievement in any field of worthy endeavour.

PROBUS Clubs are not service organizations and do not engage in fundraising, sectarian or political activities.  They exist purely for the benefit and interest of the members.  PROBUS Clubs are non-profit and are organized and managed by member volunteers.  The first PROBUS Club in Cambridge, and indeed in Canada, was a men's group formed in 1987.  Today there are also two women's clubs in the community. 

The main activity of our club is a monthly meeting which usually features a speaker on a subject of general interest or special value to retired folks.  The club organizes group outings to theatre and sporting events and attractions of local interest.  We can also facilitate groups in participating in such things as bridge, hiking, golf, investment and financial planning, etc.

Members find the main benefit of belonging to a PROBUS Club is the interaction with like-minded individuals outside their immediate family and friends.  This connection helps fill the void left by no longer having daily contact with associates in their workplaces.

A nominal annual membership fee covers the monthly meetings.  Members pay for other activities on a participation basis. 

Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds but share a desire to remain mentally stimulated and socially involved.  Some are long-time Cambridge residents.  Some who are relatively new to our city have found Probus an excellent way to make new friends.


There are Probus clubs around the world; click here for more information on World PROBUS.  Our club is one of more than 240 PROBUS clubs in Canada; click here for more information about PROBUS Canada.