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Walter Gowing

February 27, 2019


Walter Gowing is a lifelong Cambridge resident, author and journalist who has been to 131 countries worldwide.

He has been contributing articles to the Cambridge Times (originally the Preston Times) for over 70 years! Walter has written a number of books about journalism and travel, his latest is Fly With Me. Fly With Me captures the wild and exciting stories of a journalist and his wife as they navigate all of the exotic and unusual corners of the globe. Making friends with a million penguins in Patagonia or roaming the range with gauchos on Brazil's Pampas, Walter Gowing manages to out do himself with every new stamp in his passport.

He's been lost in the air on a disabled plane at night after the radar failed, escaped from a whispering glacier and topped it all off by riding on a racing ostrich in South Africa. Don't forget about the dignitaries – whether it's finding his way into a welcoming line up for the Prime Minister of New Zealand, or the glamorous life of a Pan Am flight attendant and her encounter with President John F. Kennedy, Fly With Me has it all. Experience America's ghost towns, ride the rails of the Australian outback and evade pirates off the coast of Africa in the pages of this thrill-seeking memoir.

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Bill Davidson
Executive Director

March 27, 2019


The Langs CHC and the North Dumfries Satellite CHC both offer a wide variety of primary health care services; our staff of physicians, nurse practitioners and health promotion professionals can be visited for regular family checkups, physical exams, treatment of illness, prenatal examinations, and other services such as breastfeeding consultations and access to midwives.

Langs (formerly Langs Farm Village Association) was established as a community development project in 1978 by a group of citizens and service providers concerned about vandalism and the lack of accessible services in the community. These individuals believed that the establishment of a community-based organization would play a positive and preventative role in the neighbourhood.

Langs is a neighbourhood based organization, but has become so much more! Langs has grown to become a dynamic, respected community development organization providing comprehensive health and social support services that are responsive to the changing needs of our region.

Langs is committed to ensuring that every person in our neighbourhoods will have a place to call home for health, wellness and community support.

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Kathryn McGarry
City of Cambridge

April 24, 2019

Our new mayor will give us a city update.

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Sue and Jim Waddington

May 29, 2019

In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson

Sue and Jim have been on a quest to locate the places that inspired the Group of Seven painters and Tom Thomson. They particularly like to search for sites that can only be reached by canoe and on foot.

The talk will compare photographs of some of the 650 painting sites they have found with the corresponding artwork. They will discuss how they find the painting sites and what they have learned about the painters.

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Rick Green (Red Green’s sidekick on the Red Green TV show)

June 26, 2019

Everything I used to know about ADD was wrong

Across North America, Rick Green has entertained and educated people who are living with Attention Deficit Disorder.

“An immensely successful comedian, producer and writer who seemed like he should have it all together, Rick Green could not understand why he constantly had trouble listening, paying attention and finishing projects.

It finally started to make sense to Rick when he was diagnosed as an adult with ADD. Wanting to help others who are unaware that they are living with the same diagnosis, Rick created two groundbreaking documentaries: ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It! as well as the award winning website TotallyADD.”

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Warren Mackenzie

July 31, 2019

5 Keys to Maximizing Your Family’s Happiness and Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Warren MacKenzie studied religion, philosophy and psychology at university, and after completing an education degree at Dalhousie University he began teaching school in Nova Scotia. He left teaching to become a Chartered Professional Accountant. Eventually he left public accounting to work as a financial advisor with a major brokerage firm, where he earned the CFP, CIMA, and CIM designations.

Warren is the author of Zen and the Art of Wealth: Finding Your Way to Happiness and Financial Security and The Unbiased Advisor and is co-author of New Rules of Retirement and The C.A.R.P. Financial Planning Guide. He has written numerous investment articles for magazines and is a regular contributor to Canadian MoneySaver magazine and the Financial Facelift column in The Globe and Mail.

Warren is passionate about helping parents introduce their children and grandchildren to a way of life that will maximize their happiness. The path to happiness is not a secret – all the great religions and great philosophers say the same thing: The most lasting joy and happiness come from helping other people!

Most of your members will have attended seminars that help people understand the importance of managing their capital wisely but my seminar may be the first one to focus on the importance of using your capital wisely. In the presentation I explain how to calculate Essential Capital and Surplus Capital. Essential Capital is the capital that needs to be managed wisely and Surplus Capital is the capital where there is an opportunity to use it wisely. We don’t take anything with us when we die and leaving a larger estate is often not the best way to help our children. In the presentation I explain what we can do to maximize the happiness for all concerned.

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Mark Rector
Communications Professor
Humber College

Sept 25, 2019

Oh Canada! Our Home and Inventive Land

We will learn about all of the great innovations and inventiveness in this great and vast land of ours. From the compound steam engine and gasoline of the Industrial Revolution, to the telephone and light bulb (yes, the light bulb) of the Victorian era, to the Canadarm and BlackBerry of today.

The stories of Bell Canada, Northern Telecom, the Robertson screw company, SPAR Aerospace, Easy-Off and the invention of hockey! They are all here, as are 150 more great stories, in a light, easy to read, pick up and put down format of short vignettes and some longer, detailed histories of some of the biggest names in Canadian history.